2 Million Pound Welsh Lotto Prize Still Unclaimed

It has been almost six weeks since a lucky jackpot winner in Wales managed to get all six Lotto numbers correct. They are eligible to win close to 2 million pounds. However, no one has come forward to claim their prize.

Lotto_The Lotto 2013 winner Alun Jones was present at his home county of Caerphilly in an attempt to get lottery contestants to double check their tickets. It is believed that the winning ticket was bought there. Lottery organizers are hoping that Jones’ presence might remind someone about the lottery ticket they bought and forgot about.

For his s part, Jones has been enjoying a great lifestyle ever since he won over 1 million pounds in January 2013. He was more than happy to come to Caerphilly and help out with the search for the missing lottery winner. Jones is more aware than most about how the lottery can change someone’s life.

It is stated that the mystery lottery ticket got all the numbers correct. These numbers are 2, 3, 5,15,22,29 and 26.

Luckily for the anonymous winner, there is still plenty of time for them to collect the money. Someone has to come forward with the ticket by the 21st of May before the jackpot is null and void.

When asked about the impact of winning the Lotto, Alun Jones had a lot to say. Winning more than a million pounds allowed him to quit his job as a H&S inspector in Nantgarw.

Here is what he said about his lottery win from 2013: “Winning the lottery was a dream come true. Being a young man from Caerphilly, winning so much money and being able to travel all around the world was something I never even dreamed about. I took flying lessons, I made sure my parents’ come was debt free and I got to buy a fantastic new car. I just hope that someone comes forward to claim this Lotto prize.”