California Nail Salon Employee Wins Powerball Lottery

San Mateo is not a city that normally makes the news. It is a quiet area, where people like to keep to themselves. However, a shopping center in the town was in a state of frenzy when it emerged that one of their employees had won over $200 million at the Powerball lottery.

Power-Ball-LotteryVinh Nguyen, who works at a nail salon in the shopping mall, bought his lottery tickets at a grocery store just a few minutes away. He is a regular lottery player, but this is the first time he has ever won anything. It is customary for winners to have a press conference, but Nguyen wanted to keep as much anonymity as possible. The only details that were released referred to his name and his job. The Nails Resort is where he works.

He is the only player to have won the Powerball lottery from September. Instead of taking a one-time payment, he decided to go with the annuity option. This means that he will be getting around $3 million per year over the next 30 years. These payments will increase over time, with the final payment coming in at $10 million.

The grocery store that sold the ticket, Key Markets, gets a $1 million bonus to keep for themselves. This is a typical reward from Powerball to stores that help sell their product.

Reporters were doing their best to try and find more information about Nguyen, but there was little to tell. He is a very private man who just goes about his routine in a normal manner. Now his life has changed completely. He may never have to work another day in his life.

There was a request for him to appear in an interview, but Nguyen declined.

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