Fun Five Scratch Games Scrapped in Texas

When the Fun Fives game was launched by the Texas Lottery, many were hoping that this move would save the state lottery from their recent slumber. However, little more than two months since the game’s introduction, it is being prematurely ended.

The tickets made a decent amount of money, with $3 million a week raised through tickets that were worth $5 each. However, the problem lies with the number of people who called the lottery department and complained.

logo_texas lotteryA lot of players would read the numbers on their ticket and think they had won, only to learn that they were mistaken. This angered a lot of people, who began to think that the tickets were misleading and that the state lottery was cheating them out of rightful winnings. Some people believe that the cards should have been banned weeks ago. “There is real concern that people would have started to sue the state lottery. These kinds of liability situations have to be avoided,” said one lottery enthusiast.

The Texas state lottery began running these cards on the first of September. It only took a few days for people to start having problems. The calls were endless and relentless, with lottery officials baffled about the situation. Many believe that the “Game Five” ticket on these scratch cards poses the biggest problem. The ticket says that if you match five numbers in a row or column or diagonal, you win. It also says that if you get the money bag box, you win. Many players think that getting a money box automatically gives them a win, while the state lottery claims you need to get the five numbers in a row AND the money box.

This confusion has led to endless complaints, with the lottery having no option but to shut down the scratch cards. It is possible they will reboot them with the correct wording, but this bad publicity could hurt future sales.