Horseshoe Casino Cannot Offer Outdoor Gambling

It’s no secret that a lot of gamers enjoy lighting up while sitting at their favourite slots machine games. An important factor to game strategy, a majority of players prefer to use the same machine for prolonged periods of time and really don’t appreciate the need to leave the machine to step outside to indulge in a smoke.

As many progressive states have called bans on smoking indoors, Ohio followed suit with laws that prohibit smoking in indoor public spaces in 2006. Horseshoe Casino Cleveland doesn’t have an outdoor area or patio so far, which leaves several gamers at a loss without an accommodating space where they can play and smoke at the same time.


Outdoor gaming

Several casinos absorbed the hurdle by employing inventive architectural inclusions that serve as lounges to get a fill of nicotine along with the ease of staying uninterrupted at the machine of their choice. Inspired by racinos, outdoor platforms in casinos are soon to be upgraded with high-end features like bars with running televisions and screens.

Gaming patios connected to the main casino floor, or smoking decks on separate floors have been incorporated by many a casino in attempts to keep their patrons happy. These patios and decks contain a number of slot games.

Redesigning on the board

Not to be outdone, Horseshoe Casino Cleveland is soon to develop a second phase which might include outdoor spaces for gamers to better accommodate their regular clientèle.

Sister faction, Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati is already in process of constructing a special outdoor gaming space proposed to hold around 150 slot machines. Expanding on their floor room space, several casinos have added additional lottery terminals and slot machines on outdoor patios.

Initiated by customer feedback and gaming aficionados who enjoy smoking cigarettes while playing the slots.