Kentucky Lottery’s Keno Exceeds Expectations

The keno game that was launched by Kentucky Lottery last year has been showing much better results than expected. Last year alone, the game sold wagers worth well over $28.5 million, exceeding expectations by almost $500,000. As reported by Howard Kline, Chief Financial Officer of the Kentucky Lottery, this bingo-esque game is seeing drawings every five minutes. Being a social casino game, keno is played in many non-traditional establishments and businesses like restaurants and bars that don’t normally offer wagering.

 Profits despite fewer retailers

LotteryWhat comes as the real surprise is that despite the lack of retailers signing on to offer this game, keno is doing extremely well, as reported by the Lexington Herald-Leader. Initially, lottery officials expected around 400 dedicated keno retailers by June 2014, but managed to sign on only about 272. However, the game has performed well. This new version of keno is currently being offered in multiple North Kentucky locations and fewer locations elsewhere in the state. While known to be more popular in neighbouring states like Ohio, online keno is slowly catching up in Kentucky.

 Keno in Kentucky

Chip Polston, spokesman for the Kentucky Lottery,a Kentucky Lottery added that certain parts of Kentucky are difficult to breach, as they have several laws that ban gambling and drinking in the same establishment. While these laws vary from county to county, they have made a significant difference in introducing keno is more parts of the state. Larry Patel, another representative, launched keno in multiple stores in Frankfort and saw weekly sales in the range of up to $4,000 for these stores.

Patel added that the exciting new proposition of keno is attracting the interest of players throughout the state, leading to extraordinary results. The association also added that finding more keno-only retailers in the state made it tougher for them to introduce the game. They are still aiming at securing a minimum of 400 retailers and maximizing their wagers on online keno throughout the state of Kentucky.