Lotto Jackpots Boosted Ahead Of Moon Festival

An additional amount of NT$200 million was added to the super lotto jackpot offered by Taiwan Lottery Co. The step was taken by the lottery provider to boost the sales of tickets ahead of the Moon Festival. Apart from that, another extra amount of NT$100 million was added to the big lotto jackpot.

Its raining money

Moon Festival is among the three most important traditional festivals of China. It is also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival as it falls in the middle of autumn. It lasts for three months. The other two prominent festivals are the Lunar New Year Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival. The Moon Festival also marks the harvest season in the region. As it is believed to be an auspicious period, people usually buy lottery tickets during this time to try their luck. The additional amount added to the jackpot only prompted people to spend some more on the tickets.

lotto jackpot

About the festival

As the name signifies, an important aspect of the festival revolves around worshipping the moon. For centuries, the Chinese have considered the Moon to be sacred and believe it to impart rejuvenating qualities in humans. To celebrate the harvest season, offerings are made to honour moon and thank it for successful crop reaping. Mooncakes are offered by families to their neighbours and friends to spread the joy of having an abundance of rice and wheat. It also symbolises unity and harmony in the society. Lion and dragon dance too represent the joy of people during the festival.

It is also considered to be an ideal time by the Chinese to celebrate marriages. Young men and women are encouraged to find romantic partners for themselves during this time through several match-making practices. According to one of the rituals, women are supposed to throw their scarves or handkerchiefs in a crowd of people. Any gentleman who finds it and gets it back to her is given a chance to know the woman better.