Newfoundland Couple Wins One Million Dollars

On January 16, a married couple of 36 years won the Lotto Max for one million dollars. The winning ticket was purchased at Brent’s Convenience store in the west coast town of Summerside, Newfoundland, the hometown of the married couple.

Lotto MaxEd’s purchase of the winning ticket was routine, but his discovery that the ticket was a winner was not. He stopped by the local store to get a six pack and while he was there, he scanned his lottery ticket. After the ticket was scanned it was clear that he was a big winner, but he still was not sure just how much money he had won.

After realizing how much money the winning ticket was worth, he went home to call his wife and told her to come home right away. At first, his wife thought that something had happened to one of their children, and she began to panic. After hearing how much money they won, her panic turned to disbelief.

The married couple plan to quit their jobs and retire early. Ed’s wife was a home care worker, and Ed was working at a nearby home improvement store. Although they plan on using some of the money for their children and perhaps take in a couple of hockey games, they plan to spend a lot of the money traveling – something they have always wanted to do. Both of them look forward to not having to set their alarm clocks to wake up in the morning. Ed still plans on playing the lottery in the future.

Along with the one million dollar winnings that the couple received, the store that sold the winning ticket will receive one percent of the winning prize from the Atlantic Lottery Corporation; the organization that operates the lottery games in the provinces of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.