South Fallsburg Real Estate Broker Wins Mega Millions Jackpot

Tammy PrattTammy Pratt, a real estate broker from South Fallsburg has been announced as the only winner of $126 million jackpot prize money by Sullivan County Mega Millions. She is the first winner in three months to win the million dollar jackpot. Tammy Pratt was officially announced as the grand jackpot winner by Yolanda Veag of New York Lottery in a public ceremony held at Monticello Raceway and Casino this week. Tammy Pratt says that the reality is yet to sink in and she still remembers the cold February evening when she purchased the ticket on a whim. Tammy had stopped at the South Fallsburg Food Mart to pick up gas and provisions when she noticed that the jackpot was high on the Sullivan County Mega lottery ticket.

Details of Tammy’s bonanza

When Tammy saw the high jackpot amount she spent around $4 to increase her chances as she felt that this would be her lucky chance to win good money. She was shocked when she checked their website the next morning and witnessed that her ticket was the winner of the jackpot. A bigger surprise was in store for her when she noticed that she was the sole winner and she did not have to share the prize amount with anyone. After the payment of taxes Tammy would be able to get a lump sum amount of $ 54 million while the South Fallsburg Food Mart would get $10,000 as bonus for the ticket.

Other winners and future plans

Pratt attributes her luck to the lottery machine which picked the lucky digits for her and helped her win the jackpot. Still reeling under the shock, Tammy stated that she is yet to make plans about what to do with the money. She is the second person to win the lottery after Wurtsboro’s Harold Diamond who had won $326 million jackpot from Mega Million during January 2015.